Friday, October 7, 2011

kindle review

Amazon kindle Ebook review

What Is kindle
kindle is the best e-book reader and wonderful investment for avid readers (holds up to 3500 books), The device is small and light (weight 8.7 ounces and size 190 mm x 123 mm x 8.5 mm ), so it fits in the inside pocket of a man’s sport jacket.

kindle review
If you have high speed internet connection and wifi set up at your house, kindle wifi is the best selection. You did not need THREE G connection. But if you do not have wireless connection setup at your house, then kindle 3G Wifi is the better choice. Price Only $139.

Kindle dx wifi is an excellent and amazing e-book reader. Kindle dx wifi ideal for a broad range of reading material, like blogs, magazines, newspapers, PDF and graphic-rich books. Large PDF files opens in little time, and the screen resolution is perfect to read full-size pages. With this larger model you can read maps and photographs better. Price only $379.

Kindle 3
This product, colloquially known as the Kindle 3, serves as an affordable replacement to the Kindle 2. The Kindle 3 Wi-Fi connects to the internet exclusively through public or private Wi-Fi connections. This limitation means that it sells for the very reasonable amount of $139. For those who prefer the option of connecting through 3G, there is also a slightly more expensive version with this feature. The alternative device sells at $189 and has become Kindle’s most popular seller.

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  1. Yes, Kindle is the best eBook reader, as this article says. It has so many useful and interesting features and it's not very expensive. I think I have for about 4 months and I love to read my favorite eBooks downloaded from All you can books on it. A friend told me about it and now I have hundreds of books on my great device!